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We are a small business that is totally dedicated to our niche market.   Our area of concentration is contract software development.  We serve our clients as contractors and consultants in Northeastern Florida and throughout the United States via the Internet.

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Hot Pepper Software was founded in 1999 with the principal goal of "Cheaper, Faster, Better".  The underlying premise was that software development shouldn't exhaust a company's capital.  Software could and should be delivered on-time and under budget.

With that goal in mind, Hot Pepper Software has created a guarantee program that is, to our knowledge, unique in the software development business.   In short, we guarantee that when we give you an estimate for services, we will not charge any more for the job than was stipulated on the estimate.*

We also guarantee our software against developer-induced defects (bugs) for the life of the software, free of charge.

*Certain restrictions apply.  Contact company representative for more information.
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